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Why would you choose Kingston School for your children? Or for yourself?

Motto is “Learning for Life”, and in the 21st century, when everything is changing at a faster pace than it has ever been before, it is very important to learn how to LEARN.

At Kingston, we believe in an inquiry-based learning style. Kingston offers the International Primary Curriculum and Cambridge International Curriculum, founded on a teaching style that requires students to think, analyse, ask questions and not solely memorise.

Using a tri-lingual approach, our students learn in English throughout their time at Kingston, and they also learn Mandarin from Pre-Nursery and Bahasa Indonesia from K-1.

A child who stays at Kingston throughout his schooling leaves with a thorough ground in these three important languages.

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Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Kingston School Family and Visitors,
I, Ms Charlott Dano, would like to welcome you to Kingston School. With 20 years of experience in education, I remain passionate about teaching and learning.

I am fortunate and delighted to lead a value-oriented school that provides enormous opportunities for our students to develop holistically, enabling them to face the challenges and demands of everyday life. Our goal is to make each student embody the school’s principle, which is ‘learning for life’. Our students are encouraged to be adaptable, cooperative, enquiring, independent, respectful, resilient, responsible, thoughtful, and international-minded. Their milestones are appreciated and celebrated through learning journeys and other school events.

SPK (Sekolah Penyelenggara Kerjasama)

Kingston School is a SPK (Sekolah Penyelenggara Kerjasama) Private school, having local and International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for Primary level and Cambridge curriculum for Secondary level. All students will join the CIE IGCSE examination in Year 10. Indonesian Citizens must sit for ‘Ujian Akhir’ in year 6 and ‘Ujian Nasional’ in year 9 and 12. SPK is a school held or managed on the basis of cooperation between the foreign educational institutions recognized or accredited overseas, with an Indonesian educational curriculum in formal accordance with Indonesian laws and constitution.

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