Summer Camps

“A favourite among students, our summer and winter camps give students the opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world and experience different cultures and environments. The camp’s main goal is to get students to bond and grow together and as individuals.

In cooperation with organisations under the China’s Government, students are given the opportunities to learn about Chinese culture in countries like Taiwan and China. 

Students will learn about Chinese calligraphy, traditional chinese knot and paper-cutting. The camp also offers ancient relics and historical building tours and many more fun and exciting activities!”

Kingston summer camp june 2018
Summer Camp, June 2018, Beijing, China
Kingston winter camp 2016 5
Winter Camp, December 2016, QingDao, China
Kingston summer camp june 2016 6
Summer Camp, June 2016, 武夷山 (Wu yi shan), China
Kingston summer camp june 2015 3
Summer Camp, June 2015, Hunan Changsha 湖南长沙 , China