Mission and Vision


Kingston School mendorong siswanya untuk mandiri, bertanya kepada pelajar yang peduli dan menghormati hak orang lain dan lingkungan mereka.

Untuk melakukan ini, sekolah menyediakan komunitas yang aman dan suportif di mana siswa dapat mengikuti kurikulum internasional dan program nasional Indonesia, menawarkan banyak jalan menuju sukses. Siswa Kingston akan menjadi anggota yang dapat beradaptasi dan bertanggung jawab dalam masyarakat global saat ini, yang benar-benar berkomitmen pada pemahaman global.

Ini hanya dapat dicapai melalui kerjasama yang erat antara siswa, orang tua dan guru.

Kingston about mission


Valuing their unique gifts by encouraging them in creativity, exuberance and a sense of wonder, so that they will enjoy learning and value it as an exciting lifelong activity.

Knowledge and understanding for critical thinking, in order to have a successful and fulfilling life in their chosen career.

Intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially and morally so that they will be an asset to themselves and society.

Confidence and self-reliance so that they will be able to discover their own strengths.

Meet not only academic challenges but also personal and ethical ones so that they will be responsible and caring individuals with a clear sense of values, able to play a role in forming a just and peaceful world.

Develop a sense of allegiance to each student’s national and cultural heritage while at the same time fostering an awareness, acceptance and appreciation of cultural diversity, necessary in an increasingly globalized society.

Kingston about mission and vision principal

Mr. Neoh Aik Guan, Principal

Principal’s Welcome

As we enter the 21st century, life success depends increasingly on the mastery of processes such as goal setting, planning, organizing, prioritizing, memorizing, initiating, shifting, and self-monitoring. Our motto “Learning for life” is built on an aspiration of an ongoing pursuit of knowledge for in life. In Kingston, our team of professionals is well trained to nurture children’s development so that they reach their full potential. Early childhood development is indispensable for the creation of a more dynamic and stable workforce. A child’s learning happens at their adolescence as they start to acquire skills, knowledge, and abilities. Enriched early education environment help children to build fundamental skills and abilities. This is where Kingston comes in purposefully as we are committed to providing a quality education for all students in a safe, inclusive and caring learning environment.

Our Primary Departments are accredited by the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), a UK based curriculum where Inquiry Based Learning is heavily emphasized. IPC is a comprehensive and robust curriculum with a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals for every subject, for personal learning and for international mindedness. In addition to the IPC curriculum, our Year 6 students have the opportunity to take the Indonesian US qualification as required by the Indonesian Government.

In secondary department, Kingston prepare students to sit for the Cambridge International Examinations (IGCSE) in a variety of subjects in Year 10. The Cambridge International Exam is an ISO 9001:2008 qualified examination prepared by the Cambridge Assessment, a department of the University of Cambridge. At Kingston, we are very honored and proud to be a partner of the world class education provider such as Cambridge.

The curriculum for Year 7 and 8 is specifically based on the Cambridge Secondary syllabus, in English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities. In Year 9 students start their two-year IGCSE preparation with an additional option to sit the Indonesian UN qualification at the end of Year 9. Our Year 11 and 12 students follow the Indonesian Curriculum, with an emphasis on good English skills and international perspectives. Additionally, they may opt for Cambridge International A Level in Year 11. Cambridge International A Level is typically a two-year course, offered by Cambridge, which develops learners’ knowledge, understanding and skills in subject content in independent thinking, applying knowledge and presenting reasoned explanations in English. Upon graduation, students may use the Cambridge International A Levels to obtain places at leading universities worldwide, including the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Egypt, Jordan, South Africa, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.

At Kingston, we believe that multilingualism helps keep cultural and ethnic heritage alive. It has been proven to provide immediate cognitive advantages to children and help their brains work more efficiently. Throughout the years we offer a complete language immersion program from Kindergarten to Secondary levels with Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin to ensure our students are bilinguals and able to fit into their environment effectively.

In addition to our academic curriculum, creativity development is an important building block of success. The incorporation of Creative Activities and Physical Education in our curriculum, nurtures a child’s sense of awe and fulfills them novelty and surprise. Our After School Activities and excellent pastoral care is designed to develop resilience and coping skills at an adolescent stage.

We have a warm and welcoming community who enjoys facilitating a plethora of academic excellence filled with lifelong learning and opportunities.  At Kingston School, we understand that deciding where to send your child to kindergarten is an important choice. Therefore, we seek to graduate internationally minded children with the confidence and character to become active, responsible members of their immediate communities and, potentially, as leaders to shape the future of our planet.